Historical Background

Bweranyangi girls’ secondary school history background

This school was started in 1912 at Kamukuzi Hill in Mbarara district Uganda and was later on moved to its present home at Bweranyangi Hill.

It was started by white missionaries of the Church Missionary Society (CMS) to offer quality girl-child education based on strong Christian ethos.

At Kamukuzi, it was named Mbarara Junior School which had levels from primary 1 to primary 6, and then junior secondary 1 to junior secondary 3.

By then, there was only Budo mixed and Gayaza high schools as Anglican church founded schools that had A’ level in Uganda. A’ level was taking 3 years.

The school was first led by Ms. Hogben as the Headmistress assisted by Ms. Brua who was working as a midwife in the hospital at Mbarara junior school premises. The staff in school was predominantly white missionaries save for a few Ugandans including the likes of Mr. Tamale and Ms. Rhoda. These Ugandan teachers helped in translating the syllabus to Ugandan languages.

Due to the excellent performance and the reputation gained by the school, the population of the school grew big and bigger which raised the need for expansion.

After a few years, the school was shifted from Kamukuzi, to Ruharo where they had some space that could favor the growth of the institution.

In 1943, Ms. Britney became the newly assigned headmistress replacing Ms. Hogben. In the 1st year of Ms. Britney’s service, she led the school in its transformation status from Mbarara Junior School to Mbarara Girls’ Boarding School where it experienced a tremendous growth both in academics and school structures.

Between 1940 to 1947, the whites (the C M S missionaries) started going back home since most of them had finished their mission contracts and done great achievements in Uganda and Africa at large. The Ugandan teachers started taking up the administration responsibility.

In 1947, Mrs. Naume Bishaka who was a certified English teacher was appointed a Headmistress of the school.          

In 1950, Ms. Mawyer was appointed as the Headmistress of the school to replace Mrs. Naume Bishaka who had served for a short period of time.

Basing on the need for keeping the discipline of the girl child and enough land for expansion, the school shifted from Ruharo Mbarara, to Bweranyangi Hill in Bushenyi District.

Two day schools on Bweranyangi Hill were established, one for boys and another for girls. The boys’ junior school was shifted to Ruyonza in Nyakabirizi, Bushenyi, and giving rise to Ruyonza School. The girls’ day school was merged with the girls’ boarding school, and named Bweranyangi Girls’ Day and Boarding School.

The missionaries built a house for Ms. Mawyer which up to date is the Head Teacher’s house.


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